4 Ways To Hack WhatsApp Messages Without Phone Spy

WhatsApp is one of the most famous messaging apps available online for free. Most people in the world use this app to talk to each other.

This is a free app that helps you to share messages and media for free. It also helps you to make calls for free. You can make voice calls as well as video calls.

But this app is not really safe to use. There are many people who are using this app wrongly. They use it to harass others. People are complaining about WhatsApp crimes.

Since it is not safe for your kids, you have to hack their WhatsApp. This will help you to know what your kids are going through. You can also hack their WhatsApp to save them.

4 Ways To Hack WhatsApp Messages Without Phone Spy

hack WhatsApp

There are many benefits of hacking WhatsApp. Most people hack WhatsApp. There are many ways to hack WhatsApp. However, the method needs to be secure. You need to make sure it is legal. The use of illegal methods can be dangerous and can give wrong results. You also need to check if the method is easy to use. If you cannot access the phone, then you need to use the methods that come with the remote hacking option. These are the three ways in which you can hack WhatsApp.

1. QR code

This is a feature of WhatsApp, but you can also use this method for hacking. This is the best way of hacking. In this method, you have to use the phone only once to scan the QR code. Once this is done, you can put the phone away and hack WhatsApp. WhatsApp Web (web.whatsapp.com) is a feature of WhatsApp that helps you to use WhatsApp on PC and Laptop. But you can also use this method to hack WhatsApp. This is a free hacking method. You can use this method without spending any money. To use this method, you need to open WhatsApp Web on PC or Laptop. After that, you will see a QR code on the screen. You have to scan this code. To do this you have to use the phone once.

Make sure the phone has an active internet connection. After this, you have to open WhatsApp on the phone and click on three dots. From the option, you need to use WhatsApp Web. This will open the scanner of the phone. Use it to scan the code. After that, you can use WhatsApp on a laptop or PC. You can use it to check all messages and chats.

2. mobile tracking app

mobile tracking free

mobile tracking is another hacking app that you can use to hack WhatsApp. This app has a WhatsApp tracking feature. You can use this feature to hack WhatsApp activities on the phone. It is compatible with Android and iPhone. It is very easy to use this app. This app is genuine and legal. If you want to hack a phone, you have to set up the app.

steps to hack WhatsApp

Step 1: If you want to hack WhatsApp on an android phone, then you have to use one time on app. mobile tracking. app to install the app on the phone.
Step 2: After that, you just need to create an account with the app.
Step 3: After that, you can log in to the account and use the WhatsApp tracking feature to hack all WhatsApp activities on the phone. It will help you to hack all WhatsApp chats and messages. You can also hack media, contacts, and call logs on WhatsApp. This app is very stealthy. It will help you to hack all activities secretly. You will get all the information from WhatsApp directly in your hacking account. You can log in to check all the details.

3. pumpic App

pumpic App

You can also use this method to hack WhatsApp. TheTruthSpy (https://pumpic.org) is a very popular phone hacking app. You can use this app to hack WhatsApp. It supports remote hacking. It is very easy to use this app. This is a legal hacking app. It is compatible with Android and iPhone. There are many hacking features in this app.
steps to hack WhatsApp

 Step 1: If you want to use this app, you need to set up the app on the phone. If it is an Android phone, you will need to use the phone one time to install the app on android.thetruthspy.com.
 Step 2: After this you have to create an account. There is no need to use the phone.
 Step 3: Once the setup is done, you can log in and use the WhatsApp feature to hack all WhatsApp activities. You don't need to use phone to hack whatsapp. You can hack all personality chat as well as group chat. In addition, you will get all the details about the call logs and media on your hacking account.

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apps that can hack your Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram data – Times of India

New Delhi: Some of the most popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat are not as secure as it is claimed that hackers can use a new type of malware to get hold of your app data and phone data…
As reported by TrendMicro, a new malware has been discovered that can be disguised as legitimate Android apps to collect user information.

The research firm also reported that the apps were available on the Google Play Store in 2018 and have also recorded over 1,000,000 downloads worldwide. The company tested six such apps – Flappy Bird Dog, Flashlight, HZPermis Pro Arabe, Win7Emulator, Win7Launcher, and Flappy Bird. Knowing about the malware, Google has removed these apps from the Play Store.
TrendMicro claims that the malware is capable of stealing information such as user location, SMS conversations, call logs, and clipboard items. In an official blog, the company further says, ‘The malware uses Firebase Cloud Messaging to send information to its servers. Once the malicious application is launched, the malware will first check the network availability of the device. It then reads and parses the XML config file from its C&C server. It sends the collected information to its C&C servers, thus registering the device. Once done, the malware will wait and execute the commands sent through FCM from its C&C servers.’

Based on the commands received, the malware can steal SMS conversations, contact lists, files, call logs, and other information. It can also steal and upload files from various apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and others.

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It is also capable of launching a phishing attack by displaying fake Facebook and Google pop-ups to phish the user’s account details.
To protect themselves from any such malware, TrendMicro suggests users install only useful apps. Also, users should read about it on the internet before downloading the app. Along with this, users can install a comprehensive cyber security solution to protect their mobile devices from mobile malware.


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